Keming Labs

We build data-driven interfaces.

Our products


A design tool made for apps with a responsive layout engine and reusable components system. The digital medium needs CAD, not photo retouching and illustration tools.


Advanced data visualization on the web. Create bespoke data graphics with an HTML-based grammar of graphics, no JavaScript required. Interleave text and images to provide context; make Tufte proud.


A beautiful, data-rich weather app for iPhone and iPad. Featured by New York Times, The Guardian, Wired Magazine, Fast Company Design, and many others. It’s the weather on your phone, people—groundbreaking.

Our clients

We consult on technical matters with our clients. When appropriate, we also design and implement bespoke data visualization software and workflows.

We have worked to develop iPad dashboards for wind farm technicians, web-based bioinformatics analysis tools for biologists, geographic displays for climate model verification, printed vitals reports for people with diabetes, and many other such projects.

Here are some nice things clients have said about us:

Keming Labs was integral to converting our rough specification into a flexible visualization front end. We were exploring new display ideas for rapidly evolving biological questions and they were able to deliver a customizable implementation that integrated within our existing code base. The resulting displays fit beautifully within our vision of the project and have enhanced our ability to communicate results with other researchers.
— Brad Chapman / Harvard School of Public Health

Before launching, we were wrestling with some major performance and stability issues in our system. Over those next weeks, Keming was essential to our development team, providing strong advice, direction, and absolutely fantastic development. From user interface to database, and from monitoring to performance tuning—Keming delivered. We highly recommend Keming, and will absolutely be calling on them again.
— Adam Wulf /

Keming Labs is an exciting company to work with. They provided us with a top quality GUI in record time. They are very easy to work with, especially when our project has experienced tangents and new directions. I highly recommend their quality work.
— Rob Dombek / UpWind Solutions

Recent blog posts

CNC milling survey contours

2016 February 28 Transforming 1 foot contour survey data into a table top wooden model via computational geometry and CNC milling.

Mosaic plots, a part-to-whole visualization

2014 November 18 Mosaic plots are simple graphics that depict via area conditional, marginal, or joint distributions. Attractive mosaic plots can be implemented easily on the web using responsive CSS and HTML — for many plots, no JavaScript is necessary.

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Recent Talks

I made a cell phone!

Using ClojureScript with heavy industrial equipment

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Keming Labs was founded by me, Kevin Lynagh, in the spring of 2011. We are a small company—just a handful of employees at any given time—and we don’t plan to expand. If you need a hierarchy of project managers or want to work with an exploding startup, look elsewhere. We are a focused team of professionals dedicated to advancing the design & computing state of the art for our clients. Keming Labs is based in the American Pacific Northwest. When not visualizing data, odds are that we’re either drinking fine craft beer, rock climbing, or fly fishing.

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